Foot Detox

The Most Powerful Detox Machine Anywhere!

Natures Holistic Healing Pro Detox Unit

Dynamic Lymphatic Flush Whole Body Detox Unit

This Machine has 12 amps of Power, not 1.7 amps like other similar systems. This Extra Power makes  Brain Detox Possible & It is made in the USA. This System is for people needing a Fast, Strong, Healing Detox & to Feel Better Quickly!

Blood cells before treatment        

Blood cells after treatment    

Natures Holistic is a Detox Foot Bath and Body Energy Balancer using Bio-Electric Field Enhancement (BEFE) technology. You’ll feel the energy of a natural hot spring and experience a deep sense of relaxation with a rush of energy. Experience natural healing and a re-balancing of the body’s bio-electrical field for only $50 per session.

How Does It Work?


Your Ionic Body Balancer session combines water, sea salt, and a small electrical current to produce negatively charged ionic energy that cleanses at the cellular level, charges up the cells like tiny batteries, and promotes healing through the detoxification of free radicals and toxins to promote healing.

reflexology pointsThis process starts with the deconstruction of a small amount of water into its base elements of hydrogen and oxygen by the process of electrolysis. This creates negatively charged ionic energy, hence the phrase, “negative ions.” This energy is pulled into the body by its energy meridians at their terminus points, which are also known as reflexology or acupressure points on the bottom of the feet, or the palms of the hands. That negatively charged energy travels throughout the body via the energy meridians. Think of them as power lines.

This analog energy, which is the type of energy the body produces through chemical reactions at the cellular level. The energy from the water is distributed throughout the body. That negatively charged energy breaks the positive energy bond that toxins and free radicals use to attach themselves in our tissues. They float free, and are flushed out of the body by the lymphatic system through the excretory system.

The analog energy also cleanses and stimulates the lymphatic system so it can flow freely and efficiently drain the toxins from your body.

Buy 3 get 1 free (Limited time only) Pay for 3 sessions ($150) and get 1 free session ($50 value). Each session must be a minimum of 24 hours apart and can not be used all in 1 day. Must present Detox Card at each session. Yes, your friend or loved one can use your session as long as the 24 hour restriction is met.

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Own your very own foot detox and continue this treatment in the comfort of your home for a very low cost here:

See the Results of a 30 Minute treatment

It was designed to provide relief from: Arthritis, Gout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Edema, Neuropathy, Lupus, Parasites

 It also Chelates and Detoxes Heavy Metals & will strengthen your Immune System

Patients and practitioners using this machine have reported many benefits including:

    • Energizing effect in chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Increased overall energy level
    • Less pain and swelling from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus
    • Stopping a Gout attack in its tracks
  • Helping reduce the swelling of Edema
  • Benefit from Healing Analog Frequencies similar to a Rife Machine
  • Better sleep
  • A sense of well being
  • Benefit from Full Body Toxin Cleanse
  • Healing Affect of Negative Ionic Therapy
  • Strengthening neuro-muscular function in multiple sclerosis
  • Supportive therapy in cancer recovery
  • Reduction of diabetic neuropathy
  • Normalizing Renal function
  • Normalizing effect in Autism
  • Symptomatic improvement in Parkinson’s disease and stroke
  • Improved memory in early Alzheimer’s disease
  • Enhanced detoxification and excretion of toxic heavy metals
  • Decrease in inflammation resulting from injury, illness, or surgery
  • Detoxifying the body after Chemo Therapy
  • Faster recovery following Surgery and elimination of Anesthesia residue

competitor Before and after results with the Natures Holistic Detox Unit

detox 1 copy detox Jenn detox John detox SharonOwn your very own foot detox and continue this treatment in the comfort of your home for a very low cost here: