Emotional Cord Cutting

cutting-ties-3Emotional Cord Cutting: Life consists of so much more than the physical world; even though we cannot “see” it, we are connected to one another on an energetic and emotional level. Each time we interact with another we make an exchange on the more subtle levels of our being and even after we physically separate from the other, energetic and emotional ties can remain. Energetic cords are not restricted by space or time, so you can be connected to someone far away, a person from your past, or someone who is no longer living.

An emotional or energetic tie is a structure of energy between two people which causes patterns from the past to constantly be relived. These ties are often referred to as cords of attachment because they are an open channel between you and another person which energy and emotions flow through without your conscious knowledge. You are literally “attached” to each other on a subtle level. In this healing the practitioner will speak with the client to determine which attachment is most important to release and will assist in releasing this cord energetically, emotionally and physically.

Price: $111 per session

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